Payment processing for SAAS and Digital industries.

Accept all major credit and debit cards, bitcoin, ethereum and more with one single API.

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Built with developers and non technical users in mind.

Paystack provides plugins to most CMS platforms. Integration is simple and only takes a few minutes to set up. Detailed API's are available for technical users.

Seamless checkout experience

From Hosted Fields to our Drop-in UI, Paystack offers the tools you need to give your customers a seamless user experience.

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Recurring Billing

Easily accept repeat online payments for software, subscription-based businesses, donations, and more.

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Advanced Fraud Prevention

Integrated into the Paystack Control Panel, our advanced tools help you manage your risk strategy and fight next-generation fraudsters. Real-time technology from our partner Kount evaluates hundreds of data points for every transaction to reduce fraudulent transaction attempts, all in just milliseconds.

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