A full featured payments API

Paystack offers a rich API allowing you to accept payments on any device.

        // Set your secret key: remember to change this to your live secret key in production
// See your keys here: https://dashboard.paystack.com/account/apikeys
Paystack.apiKey = "sk_test_aHYM6GR1DDQ82zO1911NW2Cq";

// Token is created using Checkout or Elements!
// Get the payment token ID submitted by the form:
String token = request.getParameter("paystackToken");

// Charge the user's card:
Map params = new HashMap();
params.put("amount", 999);
params.put("currency", "usd");
params.put("description", "Example charge");
params.put("source", token);

Charge charge = Charge.create(params);

$api = Api::get("https://your-repo-name.prismic.io/api");
$response = $api->query(
Predicates::at('document.type', 'blog_post'),
[ 'orderings' => '[my.blog_post.date desc]' ]
// $response contains the response object, $response->getResults() holds the documents
        var Prismic = require('prismic-javascript');

    Prismic.Predicates.at('document.type', 'blog_post'),
    { orderings : '[my.blog_post.date desc]' }
).then(function(response) {
    // response is the response object, response.results holds the documents
        api = Prismic.api('https://your-repo-name.prismic.io/api')
response = api.query(
Prismic::Predicates.at("document.type", "blog_post"),
{ "orderings" => "[my.blog_post.date desc]" }
# response is the response object, response.results holds the documents
        Response response = api.query(Predicates.at("document.type", "blog_post"))
.orderings("my.blog_post.date desc")
List<Document> documents = response.getResults();
        Response response = api.query(Predicates.at("document.type", "blog_post"))
.Orderings("my.blog_post.date desc")
IList<Document> documents = response.Results;

More ways to pay without the extra code

Accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express and Discover debit and credit cards using one API.

Paystack offers and API for you to accept other payment methods like Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more on top of debit and credit cards.

Build beautiful checkout flows

Increase conversions by building custom checkout flows using our detailed API.

Be in control of the entire design process and build the form to suite your style.

Automate your payment lifecycle with Paystack Route

Make use of our robust Payment Gateway for accepting payments from end customers, through any payment mode.

You can even accept payments through Subscriptions, Payment Links, Invoices and Smart Collect which can then be split using Paystack Route.

White Labled Checkout

Our partners are provided with their own branded checkout pages, mobile experiences, pay-by-text, virtual terminals, secure URLs, back-end administration, reporting, sales tools, merchant on-boarding, and support queues.

Our white label Multi-Level Branding technology even allows n-levels of branding for our partners’ own partner channels.

Drop in UI

Mobile app or web, get the perfect checkout in minutes. Through our Drop-in UI, you can start accepting payments for your next great idea almost as quickly as you have your next great idea.

Flexible enough for nearly any app’s checkout flow; ready-made enough to go live in minutes.